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Iphone 6G/6+/6S/6S+ Touch/Display

Product Information

Iphone 6G/6+/6S/6S+ Touch/Display/Charging/Backlights issues

1-We can do Touch IC repair for Iphone6G and Iphone6+.
2-We can do BackLight Chip for Iphone6G and Iphone6+.
3-We can do Display Chip for Iphone6G and Iphone6+.
4-We can do USB Chip and Charging Chip for Ipone6G 6+.
5-We can do RF BaseBand Chip for Iphone 6G 6+(No Service,No IMEI Number)
6-We can do WIFI Chip for Iphone6G 6+(Grey Color)
7-We can do PCB Layer Jumpping for Iphone( Screwed MB)
8- Long screw Damage repair service available

Contact 1-226-345-5784

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